About Us

Our History

Palmetto Gas Corporation opened in 1962 as Sumter’s newest energy company. The brainchild of entrepreneur Scott Rumph, Jr., the company had its roots in converting oil-fueled tobacco barns to cleaner, cheaper propane burners. The company began operation on Lafayette Drive where it continues to operate the bulk plant. Much has changed since the ‘60s, and Palmetto Gas has grown to meet our customers’ evolving needs through the years. 

We’ve Changed With the Times

In August 2018, the company opened a state-of-the-art retail showroom and new office at 820 South Pike West in Sumter, bringing the area its first natural and propane Gas Appliance Superstore. Another first for Sumter, our “live burn” displays allow customers to see how the appliances will look in their homes and businesses… the glow of burning logs and the heat of a new gas range.

Mr. Scott Rumph, Jr., Founder of Palmetto Gas.

Palmetto Gas Holds True to Our Mission

Scott Rumph continued an entrepreneurial legacy started by his father in the early days of a growing Sumter community. And though Mr. Rumph died in November 2017, we remain grounded in his high hopes for the future and the community he loved. His heirs, Scott III and daughter Emily, serve on our Board of Directors, continuing his standard of service and determination to provide customers with affordable energy, on time and at a fair price. 

The mission of Palmetto Gas is to meet the specific needs of our customers and to grow large enough to be a leader in our industry and in our community. After years of hard work and nurturing the new company, today’s Palmetto Gas has developed a reputation as one of the area’s top energy providers. 

From tankless water heaters to autogas vehicle conversions, Palmetto Gas provides products and services that make our customers’ lives easier and better. Our company began with a commitment to serve our community, our neighbors and friends. Now Palmetto Gas meets 21st century needs and standards, servicing residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and–eventually — the motor fuel needs for our community.

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