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Products We Offer

Cajun Fryers

These versatile, high performance, low maintenance gas fryers are unsurpassed in quality. Baskets have a nickel plated finish and are made of long-lasting rugged construction. Each basket has evenly distributed wire mesh for perfect frying every time. Plastic coated handles stay cool to the touch.

Smokin’ Cajun Grill

Versatile design lets you slow cook/smoke at 200º or seer/grill with surface temps up to 750º degrees. All smokers feature a stainless steel grill surface for easy cleaning, a front shelf with utensil holder, removable side shelves that double as a heat tray, a 3″ easy read thermometer with long stem for more accurate temperature and many more features.

Cajun Express Smoker

Smoked babyback ribs in 30-45 minutes! The patented sealed pressure/vacuum chamber revolutionizes smoking times so you can get to the good part: eating! Each model features a stainless steel cooking rack, removable side shelf, adjustable front hinge to ensure proper seal, and a pull out grate for easy access to food.

Cajun Bayou Broiler
and Mini Grill Attachment

Grate sizes are 15″ x 22″ and 10″ x 20″ and are made of solid 304L stainless steel. Both overhead burners produce temps up to 1200 degree F. Drip pans on both units make clean-up quick and simple. The free standing unit has two solid rubber wheels and two swivel castor wheels with locks for ease of movement, and the attachable units bolt onto any grill 20″ or larger. Heavy duty construction insures longer life.

Cajun Bayou Stainless Griddles

Cooking surface sizes range from 15″x20″ to 21”x30″ with cooking surfaces in 1/4″ and 3/8″ stanless steel. The wheeled stands are made from heavy duty carbon steel with large 8″ solid rubber rear wheels with front-locking brakes. Both models have castors and deep dripping trays for easy movement and stable, longer cooking. Each model features a dual variable temp control knob.

Cajun Seafood Boiler

What could be better than seafood prepared outdoors? The Cajun Seafood Boiler is the best way to treat family and friends….your church or civic club. Comes in 30” and 60” sizes. Start boiling and enjoying!