Stoves And Heaters

Stoves And Indoor Heaters

When you need heat in specific areas — a room with no fireplace or prior heating source, a workshop, or business setting — Palmetto Gas has the solution. We offer attractive stoves and inserts for your home or more utilitarian heaters for commercial applications. All are efficient and provide the heat your need.

Products We Offer

Monessen Vent-Free Stoves

There is truly no easier way to add a real flame heating appliance to your home than with a vent- free gas stove. Set the stove where you want it, attach your gas line, and you’re done. Now, enjoy fast bountiful heat – even during a power outage – and the beauty of a real flame.

White Mountain Hearth Vent-Free and Vented Cast Iron Stoves

Empire Cast Iron Stoves are available in two types of ignition – Millivolt (MV) and Intermittent Pilot (IP). The Millivolt system lights a standing pilot with a pushbutton piezo ignitor. Once the standing pilot is lit, the MV system operates with an on/off switch concealed on the back of the stove or with one of Empire’s optional remote control systems.

Buck Gas Stoves and Inserts

Gas Stoves are a great heating option because they are easy to use and fuel-efficient. Your family will love gathering around the hearth for a cozy dinner or movie night. With gas stoves and hearths in a variety of sizes and styles, there is an option that will fit your home, budget, and unique heating needs.

Hearthrite Vent Free
Blue Flame Gas Heaters

Think warm tropical breeze! Our blue flame heaters warm the air, which rises to create natural circulation in the room. Check out how you can save money with blue flame gas heaters today.

Hearthrite Vent-Free
Infrared Gas Heaters

Our radiant heaters project warmth into the room like sunlight through a window. Ideal for any supplemental heat application.

Convection Heaters

Big heat right out of the box. Heatstar convection heaters utilize the natural act of warm air rising to quickly heat. These heaters are equipped with a thermoelectric safety valve to shut the gas flow off if the flame ever goes out. Easily light the heater utilizing the factory installed Piezo igniter and enjoy the comforts of a toasty warm jobsite.

High Intensity Radiant Heaters

Whether you use it in your garage to keep your cars warm, in your shop to keep the work force busy and comfortable, or in a poultry house eggroom, the Heatstar radiant heater transfers almost all of the fuel it burns directly into clean, safe radiant heat.

Portable Radiant Heaters

Reflective radiant heat provides the warmth you’re looking for. The Heatstar Portable Radiant Heater has factory installed features, like a tip-over safety switch and a thermoelectric safety valve. The only thing you need to make this heater the most useful tool you own is a 20lb propane tank.

Unit Heaters

If you are looking to turn your garage or barn into a work space you can use all year-round, you will have to find a safe quiet and reliable heat source. It uses a built-in electric high velocity fan to pull cool air into the rear of the heater, across a heat exchanger, then forcing warm air into the surrounding areas. These heaters only require 115v AC power and can be vented vertically or horizontally.

Forced Air Heaters

Heavy-duty design built for the jobsite. Propane Forced Air Heaters come with a standard hose, regulator and all the safety you would expect of a Heatstar product. Equipped with factory installed high limit switch and continuous solid state ignition, you can feel comfortable using this heater on any jobsite.

Box Heaters

HeatStar NOMAD heaters are ideal for enclosed construction site spaces, temporary structures or tents. These are highly fuel efficient, portable, cost effective heaters able to be used with or without a duct or diffuser. Manage comfortable temperatures, shorter pre-heat times and fuel consumption using high or low settings.