Price Lock Plan

Our Price Lock Plan Is Designed to Save You Money

Lock In Your Price for Gas and Save Money. Here’s How the Plan Works.

Palmetto Gas enters into a fixed-price contract for the purchase of gas with our suppliers, which allows us to offer you a locked-in cost for the same time period.

We analyze your gas usage for August through March of the preceding year. We then take your total gallon usage, divide it by 8 months, and multiply it by the locked-in price per gallon to determine your equal monthly bill for the months of August through March. If you use more gas than what is forecasted, you will be billed one additional month in April to settle the account. If you use fewer gallons than forecasted, a credit will remain on your account to be applied to the next year’s bill.

It’s Easy to Get Started On Price Lock

Just call Customer Service at 803-775-4321 or email [email protected] between the months of May and July of every year. We’ll take it from there.

Thank you for letting us provide you clean-burning propane, on-time, and at a fair cost.

If you have any questions about our price lock program, please contact us.